Venus retrograde in Gemini 13th May 2020

Venus has a seemingly retrograde motion in the same sign every 8 years; in 2012, the planet Venus began its apparently retrograde motion on May 15 from the 24th degree Gemini. On May 13, 2020, Venus begins its seemingly retrograde motion from the degree of 21:50 Gemini and will return directly to the degree of 5:20 Gemini, on June 25.

It is a return of Venus in the same sign and in the same birthplace but with 2 degrees less than at the previous demotion, a connection is restored with what was interrupted, started, 8 years ago.

The experiences brought by Venus in seemingly retrograde walk in the same sign and in the same birthplace have a direct connection with what happened 8 years ago, with what began and remained unfinished, unspoken messages, choices made, impairment of personal value, distrust , health problems. Karma or universal will plays an important role in this period.

Karma or universal will plays an important role in this period. We can look at the slow energy of a retrograde planet as an energy with a strong influence on our lives with a role in repairing past mistakes, with a karmic role over which we often have no control. the recess presses hard during this period, those of the past can reappear, events of the past can be reissued, it is a time of revision and for this the “object to be revised” is brought face to face with us, we see it in the mirror (Venus).

Retrograde Venus is the best time to rediscover, re-evaluate our values, what and who we value, what we like, what goods we buy, how we attract money, how much trust we have in ourselves, in our relationships, in our value, in the divinity within us.

Retrograde Venus sheds light on the dark side of a relationship whether it is love, marriage, business partner, justice, money, beauty. The big awkward question of retrograde Venus is “Is that what you really want, is it worth your effort?” The lesson of this transit is related to the true values ​​of us, of our relationships, beyond expectations, calculations and strategies. As Venus deals with romantic relationships, the next forty days can be a nightmare in subdued, hidden, triangular relationships. A perfect relationship does not exist here on earth, but by definition, Venus wants fair, harmonious relationships.

Now, Venus is retrograde for 40 days in the Gemini air sign, a sign of mind and communication. So the big “re-evaluations, fix here, solve now, re-edit, reformulate, rediscover, relegate,” are related to relationships, communication, documents, education, exams, finance, communication in relationships, communication with others, relatives, neighbors, young people.

Retrograde Venus in Gemini will put a special emphasis on how we think, what we think, how we express ourselves in a relationship, how we listen to others, how we appreciate our value, how much trust we have in the words of others, how much we let ourselves be guided by a word, a phrase, an exhortation without checking and understanding them. Venus retrograde in Gemini combines the verbs “to think”, “to have” and “to balance” but with the syllable RE- in front. In fact, we can go further, Venus retrograde in Gemini will help us re-establish words, documents, values, laws, decisions, ideas, so as to balance our life, the society in which we live.

Great attention during this period, words, documents, can lead to intense fights. Huge mistakes made in documents, official documents can appear in the light. Distrust in others can be amplified and has the role of making us pay more attention to the ideas, plans of others and that affect us as well. The Gemini are also responsible for short trips, local communities, our neighborhoods, our neighbors and retrograde Venus wants to solve problems in these directions as well. This transit of Venus is a wonderful opportunity to assess our relational, financial, emotional needs, we can reconstruct “steps from the past” to solve a problem that has unbalanced us. It is a time when certain contracts, associations, partnerships, acquisitions, values, desires, present needs can be rethought. The energy of retrograde Venus in Gemini is a “karmic signature” that requires us to learn that true love knows how to communicate, to speak with the soul but also with the mind.

Entering a seemingly retrograde process, Venus in Gemini activates house XII, a house where cosmic trials, tests and repairs are related to our delusions, our illusions, our karmic debts. This period will reveal a “cruel truth” in a relationship (be it a love affair, a relationship with a partner, a relationship with a business partner, a relationship with money) full of mistakes, a relationship in which we have been fooled, deceived, deceived, taken by the nose. House XII is often a place full of secrets, conditioning, hidden enemies, things done behind the scenes, isolated places, loneliness, prison, hospitals but also the great liberation. In fact, it dominates everything that is hidden, including behind-the-scenes activities and confidential engagements. It is the house where we can be isolated by pain, guilt, fantasy, ego, karma or by peace and faith, universal truth. House 12 is the house where we learn to give up things, we learn to live alone, we learn that everything is temporary in life, here we can lose everything but the only thing that cannot be taken away from us, is our soul.

With Venus retrograde in Gemini in the twelfth house, even if suffering seems to set the tone, it is important to connect with hope, divinity, God. It is the time of the balance sheet but done with a lot of sincerity. The purpose of this balance is to eliminate the baggage, possessions, relationships, ideas, values, fears, guilt, revenge, which we keep carrying after us. Through fear, retrograde Venus in the 12th house becomes a source of confusion and others can abuse us through games and secret plans, through obscure interests, we give up our power and become puppets, we are deceived by the press, all kinds of ideologies, people, plans with uncertain goals. Even if we feel more insecure than ever, even if we are much more sensitive to criticism, the farther we are from abrasive people, from negative situations, the better. With Venus retrograde in the 12th house, we can be struck, surprised by the darker side of things and people we love and appreciate. It is time to remember that the purpose of our life is to grow, to evolve, to become aware of the divinity within us and to do the Will of God and not the will of others. With Venus in Gemini in the 12th house, it’s time to read the book “Love Yourself and Let Those Around You Do What You Want – Lester Levenson,” read it, and you’ll understand what love can do. accept and forgive everything, This recipe can be applied in any field, both in relationships and work (starting today I choose to love myself, to love my work, colleagues, office, etc.), family (I choose to -I love my family, home, etc. unconditionally), country, people, business, I choose to love my past, to accept it as it was and without blaming myself, etc.
All diseases, trials, mental imbalances, misfortunes come from the violation of the Law of Love. The boomerangs of hatred, resentment and criticism return laden with sickness and pain. Selfishness, fear, jealousy, love that demands payment, interested love, build repetitive patterns that make life very difficult. We only receive what we give.

But Venus retrograde in Gemini and in house XII (a natural house of Neptune) is caused even by the owner of house XII, by Neptune in Pisces. This aspect has the role of waking us up but not through pleasant things but through our mistakes, illusions, deceptions, weaknesses and vulnerabilities. “Don’t rush, don’t act impulsively, don’t believe anything” is the best advice now. Before taking a step, an important choice, we must be much more careful. This astral aspect often induces sensitivity, imagination but also a lot of fantasy and for this reason, we can be deceived or we can be deceived, enticed, so great attention especially in communication, love, relationships, financial issues, friends, travel, career, relationship with bosses.

With retrograde Venus the chance to be deceived is amplified, people can disappoint us during this period, it is a time of problems to be overcome in relationships, of emotional problems, problems with money, self-worth becomes a problem for each of us. Do not make major purchases, do not be seduced into a new relationship, do not get married now, pay attention to shopping, pay attention to money, how and what you spend.

The mutable signs Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces but also the signs Taurus and Libra are the most influenced during this transit. I recommend a lot of caution and great attention to words now,can reveal a lot.

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