The New Moon is associated with new beginnings, it is the best time to reflect on what you want to change or what you want to bring new into your life. The beginnings can be quite unclear, we can be fooled or we are deceived, seduced, enchanted.
A new moon in Pisces talks about ups and downs, has a nebulous and powerful mysterious influence on our lives, frowns us even more, amplifies guilt, betrayal, brings to light the secret plans but also how many ‘throw the cat behind others ”. With the New Moon in Pisces, even if suffering seems to set the tone, it is important to connect with hope. We may feel like we are in a prison, but if we wake up, we become aware that the key to our prison door is in us, in the divinity hidden within us. There can be a series of problems, obstacles to be solved, but even so, we must connect with divinity in the face of any adversity.
Without divine support, a new moon in Pisces becomes a source of confusion and others may abuse us through secret games and plans, obscure interests, hidden enemies, someone else directing our lives.
The New Moon in Pisces (faith) is a beginning prayer for Lent, a fast before the Lord’s Resurrection, a long and harsh fast being called Lent (begins on March 15). It can bring a new perspective on the connection with God, the guide of our journey here on earth. Faith works wonders. A spiritual opportunity comes as a guide if we open our eyes and see beyond our usual limits.
This New Moon in Pisces is extremely important for those born around March 13, June, September, December but also for those who have planets or main axes around the 23rd degree Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius. For those who have the North Node in Pisces around 23 degrees (plus, minus 5 degrees), this New Moon becomes a personal Solar Eclipse that helps them find that missing piece in their life that they have been looking for for some time (maybe be a relationship, a guide, a belief… .the end of
penance, the end of a relational model rolled in time, the end of an immature behavior… ..)

Astrology Stellium

Here is the Pisces season and it is very packed with compassionate love as we have got 4 planetary bodies now in the sign of Pisces: Sun, Neptune, Venus and Mercury will join this trio on the 15th of March.

In Astrology, this is what we call as stellium.

There are several authors who say that a stellium can be formed when there are 3 or more planets but others say that there has to be at least 4, the truth I think the latter is more successful since a stellium is supposed to be something very unique and many people have 3 planets in a sign or a house, that is, it is more common to have 3 planets than to have 4.

Generally speaking, a stellium is a focal point, it is something that tells us that there is an important condensation of energy and that therefore the person has to face challenges or work quite a bit on the subject that indicate the house or the sign where this accumulation of planets is located. It is a way of understanding the predominant energy in a person’s life and what that’s going to have to pay more attention to.

Many authors say that it is something malefic as we have got a concentrated energy in one sign, but I do believe it could show the true potential also.

Personally, I have got a stellium in my 10th house and career has always been particularly important to me. At the age of 14 I decided to make something of myself as my grandparents were struggling to pay my studies and I kept repeating to myself that I was going to be successful.

I remember going to translate from English to Hungarian for a school project when I was 16 and someone read my palm and she said to me that I was always going to be a boss in my life, but I had to sacrifice my love life for this. It got stuck in my head and I guess this is one of the reasons – maybe- I am not so lucky in love. I kept telling myself that I was going to be successful and who needs love anyway.

So, on one hand, I agree with those authors who say that stellium has its malefic energies, but at the same time it could also awaken your true potentials within yourself.

The power of the stellium varies according to the presence of the Sun, the type of planets involved (fast or slow), and is altered by the inclusion of any fictitious points such as lunar nodes or Lilith. The stellium has a tolerance margin of a few degrees more than the conjunction but is manifested only if the planets are in the same zodiac sign.

One of the most important keywords to stellium is balance.

Often those who possess this astrological characteristic must pay attention to what is in opposition to it – houses, planets, and signs – in such a way as to create a balance between forces that, within us, would tend to be unbalanced in the direction of the stellium.

There is always a leading planet in your stellium and that will determine how you react to the energy when a transit comes around.

For example, if the leading planet of your stellium is Saturn, then your first reaction is fearful, and you might feel that this is blocking you in your progression.

My leading planet is Moon, so I tend to react emotionally to any of the transits when it happens in my 10th house.

If you would like to learn more about stellium, then I will be holding an exciting webinar on this topic on the 20th of March.

Thank you,

Astro Viktor

Working with Stelliums

Working with Stelliums

Duration: 4hours

Date: 21 March 2021 5 pm Budapest, Hungary time

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